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Verba chartarum fortius accipiuntur contra preferentem – The words of deeds are accepted more strongly against the person offering them.

Verba debent intelligi cum effectu – Words ought to be understood with effect.

Verba intentioni, non e contra, debent inservire – Words ought to serve the intention, not the reverse.

Verbatim – Word by word, exactly.

Vi et armis – With the force and arms.

Via antiqua via est tuta – The old way is the safe way.

Vice versa – The other way around.

Vide – See.

Vigilantibus non dormientibus jura subveniunt – The laws serve the vigilant, not those who sleep.

Vir et uxor consentur in lege una persona – A husband and wife are regarded in law as one person.

Visitationem commendamus – We recommend a visitation.

Volens – Willing.

Volenti non fit injuria – An injury is not done to one consenting to it.

Voluntas in delictis non exitus spectatur – In offences the intent and not the result is looked at.

Voluntas reputatur pro facto – The will is taken for the deed.

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