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Ubi eadem ratio ibi idem jus, et de similibus idem est judicium – When there is the same reason, then the law is the same, and the same judgment should be rendered as to similar things.

Ubi jus ibi remedium est – Where there is a right there is a remedy.

Ubi non est principalis, non potest esse accessorius – Where there is no principal, there can be no accessory.

Ubi nullum matrimonium, ibi nulla dos es – Where there is no marriage, there is no dower.

Ultima voluntas testatoris est perimplenda secundum veram intentionem suam – The last will of a testator is to be fulfilled according to his true intentio.

Ut poena ad paucos, metus ad omnes, perveniat – That punishment may come to a few, the fear of it should affect all.

Utile per inutile non vitiatur – What is useful is not vitiated by the useless.

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