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Salus populi est suprema lex – The safety of the people is the supreme law.

Sciens – Knowingly.

Scienter – Knowingly.

Scire facias – That you cause to know.

Scribere est agere – To write is to act.

Se defendendo – In self defence.

Secus – The legal position is different, it is otherwise.

Semper praesumitur pro legitimatione puerorum – Everything is presumed in favor of the legitimacy of children.

Semper pro matriomonio praesumitur – It is always presumed in favor of marriage.

Sententia interlocutoria revocari potest, definitiva non potest – An interlocutory order can be revoked, a final order cannot be.

Servitia personalia sequuntur personam – Personal services follow the person.

Sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas – So use your own as not to injure another’s property.

Simplex commendatio non obligat – A simple recommendation does not bind.

Stare decisis – To stand by decisions (precedents).

Stet – Do not delete, let it stand.

Sub modo – Within limits.

Sub nomine – Under the name of.

Sub silentio – In silence.

Sublata causa, tollitur effectus – The cause being removed, the effect ceases.

Sublato fundamento, cadit opus – The foundation being removed, the structure falls.

Subsequens matrimonium tollit peccatum praecedens – A subsequent marriage removes the preceding wrong.

Suggestio falsi – The suggestion of something which is untrue.

Sui generis – Unique.

Summa ratio est quae pro religione facit – The highest reason is that which makes for religion, i.e. religion dictates.

Suppressio veri – The suppression of the truth.

Suppressio veri expressio falsi – A suppression of truth is equivalent to an expression of falsehood.

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