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Ratio est legis anima, mutata legis ratione mutatur et lex – Reason is the soul of the law; when the reason of the law changes the law also is changed.

Re – In the matter of.

Reprobata pecunia leberat solventem – Money refused releases the debtor.

Res – Matter, affair, thing, circumstance.

Res gestae – Things done.

Res integra – A matter untouched (by decision).

Res inter alios acta alteri nocere non debet – Things done between strangers ought not to affect a third person, who is a stranger to the transaction.

Res judicata accipitur pro veritate – A thing adjudged is accepted for the truth.

Res nulius – Nobody’s property.

Respondeat superior – Let the principal answer.

Rex est major singulis, minor universis – The King is greater than individuals, less than all the people.

Rex non debet judicare sed secundum legem – The King ought not to judge but according to the law.

Rex non potest peccare – The King can do no wrong.

Rex nunquma moritur – The King never dies.

Rex quod injustum est facere non potest – The King cannot do what is unjust.

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