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Magister rerum usus; magistra rerum experientia – Use is the master of things; experience is the mistress of things.

Major continet in se minus – The greater contains the less.

Majus est delictum se ipsum occidere quam alium – It is a greater crime to kill one’s self than another.

Mala fide – In bad faith.

Mala grammatica non vitiat chartam – Bad grammar does not vitiate a deed.

Mala in se – Bad in themselves.

Mala prohibita – Crimes prohibited.

Malitia supplet aesatem – Malice supplies age.

Malo animo – With evil intent.

Mandamus – We command.

Maximus magister erroris populus est – The people are the greatest master of error.

Melior est conditio possidentis, ubi neuter jus habet – Better is the condition of the possessor where neither of the two has the right.

Melior testatoris in testamentis spectanda est – In wills the intention of a testator is to be regarded.

Meliorem conditionem suam facere potest minor deteriorem nequaquam – A minor can make his position better, never worse.

Mens rea – Guilty state of mind.

Mentiri est contra mentem ire – To lie is to act against the mind.

Merito beneficium legis amittit, qui legem ipsam subvertere intendit – He justly loses the benefit of the law who seeks to infringe the law.

Minatur innocentibus qui parcit nocentibus – He threatens the innocent who spares the guilty.

Misera est servitus, ubi jus est vagum aut incertum – It is a miserable slavery where the law is vague or uncertain.

Mors dicitur ultimum supplicium – Death is called the extreme penalty.

Muilta exercitatione facilius quam regulis percipies – You will perceive many things more easily by experience than by rules.

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