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Leges posteriores priores contrarias abrogant – Subsequent laws repeal prior conflicting ones.

Legibus sumptis desinentibus legibus naturae utendum est – When laws imposed by the State fail, we must use the laws of nature.

Lex aliquando sequitur aequitatem – The law sometimes follows equity.

Lex citius tolerare vult privatum damnum quam publicum malum – The law would rather tolerate a private injury than a public evil.

Lex dabit remedium – The law will give a remedy.

Lex dilationes abhorret – The law abhors delays.

Lex est judicum tutissimus ductor – The law is the safest guide for judges.

Lex est sanctio sancta jubens honesta et prohibens contraria – The law is a sacred sanction, commanding what is right and prohibiting the contrary.

Lex indendit vicinum vicini facta scire – The law presumes that one neighbor knows the acts of another.

Lex necessitatis est lex temporis i.e. instantis – The law of necessity is the law of time, that is time present.

Lex neminem cogit ad vana seu impossiblia – The law compels no one to do vain or impossible things.

Lex nil frustra facit – The law does nothing in vain.

Lex non a rege est violanda – The law must not be violated even by the King.

Lex non deficere potest in justitia exhibenda – The law cannot fail in dispensing justice.

Lex non novit patrem, nec matrem; solam veritatem – The law does not know neither father nor mother, only the truth.

Lex non oritur ex injuria – The law does not arise from a mere injury.

Lex non requirit verificari quod apparet curiae – The law does not require that to be proved which is apparent to the Court.

Lex non favet delicatorum votis – The law does not favor the wishes of the dainty.

Lex plus laudatur quando ratione probatur – The law is the more praised when it is supported by reason.

Lex prospicit not respicit – The law looks forwared, not backward.

Lex punit mendaciam – The law punishes falsehood.

Lex rejicit superflua, pugnatia, incongrua – The law rejects superfluous, contradictory and incongruous things.

Lex spectat naturae ordinem – The law regards the order of nature.

Lex succurrit ignoranti – The law succors the ignorant.

Lex tutissima cassis, sub clypeo legis nemo decipitur – Law is the safest helmet; under the shield of the law no one is deceived.

Lex uno ore omnes alloquitur – The law speaks to all through one mouth.

Longa possessio est pacis jus – Long possession is the law of peace.

Longa possessio parit jus possidendi et tollit actionem vero domino – Long possession produces the right of possession and takes away from the true owner his action.

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