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Judex est lex loquens – A judge is the law speaking.

Judex non potest esse testis in propira causa – A judge cannot be witness in his own cause.

Judex non potest injuriam sibi datam punire – A judge cannon punish a wrong done to himself.

Judex non reddit plus quam quod petens ipse requirit – A judge does not give more than the plaintiff himself demands.

Judiciis posterioribus fides est adhibenda – Faith must be given to later decisions.

Judicis est judicare secundum allegata et probata – It is the duty of a judge to decide according to the allegations and the proofs.

Judicium non debet esse illusorium, suum effectum habere debet – A judgment ought not to be illusory; it ought to have its proper effect.

Juduces non tenentur exprimere causam sententiae suae – Judges are not bound to explain the reason of their judgment.

Jura naturae sunt immutabilia – The laws of nature are immutable.

Jura publica anteferenda privatis juribus – Public rights are to be preferred to private rights.

Juramentum est indivisibile et non est admittendum in parte verum et in parte falsum – An oath is indivisible and it is not to be held partly true and partly false.

Jurare est Deum in testem vocare, et est actus divini cultus – To swear is to call God to witness and is an act of divine worship.

Jus – A right that is recognised in law.

Jus accrescendi praefertur oneribus – The right of survivorship is preferred to incumbrances.

Jus ad rem; jus in re – A right to a thing; a right in a thing.

Jus dicere, non jus dare – To declare the law, not to make the law.

Jus est norma recti; et quicquid est contra normam recti est injuria – The law is a rule of right; and whatever is contrary to a rule of right is an injury.

Jus naturale – Natural justice.

Jus naturale est quod apud omnes homines eandem habet potentiam – Natural right is that which has the same force among all men.

Jus scriptum aut non scriptum – The written law or the unwritten law.

Jusjurandum inter alios factum nec nocere nec prodesse debet – An oath made between third parties ought neither to hurt nor profit.

Justitia est duplec; severe puniens et vere praeveniens – Justice is two-fold; severely punishing and in reality prohibiting (offences).

Justitia firmatur solium – The throne is established by justice.

Justitia nemini neganda est – Justice is to be denied to no one.

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