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Damnum sine injuria – damage without legal injury.

De bonis asportatis – Of goods carried away.

De bonis non administratis – Of goods not administered.

De die in diem – From day to day.

De facto – In fact.

De futuro – In the future.

De integro – As regards the whole.

De jure – Rightful, by right.

De minimis lex non curat – The law does not notice trifling matters.

De novo – Starting afresh.

Debile fundamentum fallit opus – Where there is a weak foundation, the work fails.

Debita sequuntur personam debitoria – Debts follow the person of the debtor.

Debitor non praesumitur donare – A debtor is not presumed to make a gift.

Debitum et contractus sunt nullius loci – Debt and contract are of no particular place.

Debitum in praesenti, solvendum in futuro – A present debt is to be discharged in the future.

Delegata potestas non potest delegari – A delegated authority cannot be again delegated.

Derivativa potestas non potest esse major primitiva – The power which is derived cannot be greater than that from which it is derived.

Deus solus haeredem facere potest, non homo – God alone, not man, can make an heir.

Dies Dominicus non est juridicus – Sunday is not a day in law.

Discretio est discernere per legem quid sit justum – Discretion is to discern through law what is just.

Doli incapax – Incapable of crime.

Dominium – Ownership.

Domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium – Every man’s house is his safest refuge.

Dona clandestina sunt semper suspiciosa – Clandestine gifts are always suspicious.

Dormiunt leges aliquando, nunquam moriuntur – The laws sometimes sleep, but never die.

Doti lex favet; praemium pudoris est; ideo parcatur – The law favors dower; it is the reward of chastity, therefore let it be preserved.

Dubitante – Doubting the correctness of the decision.

Duo non possunt in solido unam rem possidere – Two cannot possess one thing each in entirety.

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